mike ashley

The only thing that has appeased fans until now is the 2011/12 season where Newcastle finished 5th in the League and qualified for Europe - a position that many fans believe is where the club truly belongs... This may just be Ashley's last chance to prove to them that he is not in football simply for to turn a profit from a venerable and beloved North East institution.
Sports Direct tycoon Mike Ashley has given up his right to a potential multi-million pound windfall, meaning that the retailer's
Not only are Southampton F.C miles ahead of Newcastle United in terms of how much better they move the ball around the football field, and how they carved out chances at will, while we failed to threaten their goal even once, they are ahead of us in every practical department - even the ones that Mike Ashley would have you believe we are excelling in!
As Newcastle United head into yet another irrelevant fixture (for NUFC at least) I find myself posing a question that has been on my mind and lips ever since our grossly premature cup exit at the hands of Cardiff in early January - what is the point?
If ever a video encapsulated the madness of being a football fan in the north-east it is the above two minutes and 30 seconds
So farewell, Joe Kinnear, who lasted one month more as Newcastle United's director of football than he did as the club's
Joe Kinnear's second disastrous spell at Newcastle has lasted less than seven months after he resigned as the club's director
While these results are not a conclusive representation of the feelings of Newcastle United fans, it can be taken as a cross-section of the Newcastle United support and it must be said that the last six months have not been kind to Mr Ashley, as the results show.
Newcastle United could demand media titles pay for access to their players. A series of packages offering interviews for
I am no longer just a football fan. What Mike Ashley has successfully achieved is to make pseudo-accountants out of many Newcastle United fans. Instead of pointing to silverware as a barometer of progress and success.