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He accused Batten of giving the media ammunition to label the party "extreme" and "far-right".
An internal report by Ukip has found the MEP who was “painted... as a victim” in a stand up row with one of his colleagues
European Parliament President warns of the 'possible criminal implications.'
NOW WATCH: The two Ukip MEPs who had a stand-up row at a party meeting in Strasbourg that left one of them hospitalised have
Woolfe had been the Ukip heir apparent in the first of this autumn's Ukip leadership elections, but failed to submit his paperwork on time to be eligible to stand. Now, in the first ever survey of Ukip party members by any polling company, YouGov can reveal that Steven Woolfe was the favourite candidate of party members - even if he'd had to compete with Nigel Farage.
Ukip MEP Mike Hookem has posted a photo of his hands on social media as “proof” he did not punch colleague Steven Woolfe
We don't have to like Putin to realise that a united front against people who rape children and behead Christians is the best idea for a safer world. We joined forces with Stalin to defeat Hitler because he was an immediate threat and that pragmatic attitude is what we need now.