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Downing Street sources insisted his departure was “absolutely nothing to do" with the backlash over the government's report into racism.
Specialist agency MMC has been contacting communities to tackle misinformation and coronavirus vaccine hesitancy.
Exclusive: Campaigners say ministers have done nothing to stop a repeat of the first wave, which saw Black and Asian people disproportionately hit.
Of the 92 daily coronavirus briefings that took place at the pandemic's peak, not one Black person was seen behind the Downing Street podiums.
The PM took office a year ago. From BAME Covid deaths to his questionable commission appointments, here's his track record on race.
Racism and cultural misunderstandings can lead institutions to fail in their response to child sexual abuse and prevents victims from voicing it, research reveals.
Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities are more likely to be badly affected by coronavirus. Around 19% of people who have died of Covid-19 in the UK were BAME, a Guardian study has found, despite representing only 14% of the British population. Here we speak to Wasim Hanif, professor of diabetes & endocrinology at University Hospital Birmingham and Lord Simon Woolley, chair of the Race Disparity Unit’s advisory group, to find out why this is happening and what is being done to tackle the problem.
Justin Welby, when asked about the conduct of the royal family, said: "To ask that they be superhuman saints is not what we should do."
NEC wants greater Bame representation beyond cities with large minority populations.
The president's ex-lawyer said Trump's attitude to minorities is "even worse" in private.