morning routine

Journalist and author Poorna Bell often has a busy schedule. To start her day in the right way she makes sure she gets to the gym to weight lift. In this episode of Slay The Day, she takes us through her routine - from a nourishing breakfast to keeping on top of her planner.
Each day you'll only get a certain amount of 'oomph' and willpower and this is likely to fade as the day develops and your diary begins to fill. Use your morning oomph! Consistency is key. Following your morning ritual will feel forced at first but stick with it, your perfect morning is just a lemon water away.
Create an alarm that is right for you. Pick a ring tone that's unusual but not irritating, or set your alarm to vibrate mode for a more subtle sound. Make a recording of your own voice saying a positive message, then save it as your alarm tone.
There are a set number of hours and minutes each day, and you cannot change that. But, you can change how you use those hours and minutes. You have control, so use it. If you want or need to make changes in your life, you can. But as I have said above, you must make the effort.
Here's the deal. Nearly every day we tell ourselves we are going to exercise more, eat more vegetables, and hit some life goals. The problem is life has a tendency to throw a spanner or two in the works.
One problem I've found with my own morning routine, and hearing about others, is how potentially limiting it can be. Because it takes me so long, I sometimes force myself to go to bed just so I can get in enough sleep and still get up to plough through my routine.
Rituals can be found at the very foundations of every ancient culture, yet their significance today is often overlooked. Human beings naturally gravitate toward rituals. For example, the way we comb or brush our hair, the route we take to work or the things we do when we prepare for a big competition, presentation or meeting.
Cooperation is what happens in families. Particularly in the morning. When Dad has already left for work. It's how families work. It's how they ensure certain family members get to play on the X-box or iPad regularly.
For whatever reason, over the past year or so, I've found myself grow increasingly obsessed with morning routines.
Operation 'Find the shoes' commences. Mum says 'Where are your shoes?'. Kid 1 replies ' I dunno. I dunno'. Kid 2 does not respond. His face is pressed up against the flat screen TV causing snot to smear across the front of his idol, Peppa Pig.