The former Strictly and Bake Off star was set to play Prince Charming in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest musical.
“Dirty Dancing”celebrates its 30th anniversary this summer.
Nobody, it seems, wants a repeat performance of Cats or The Prom.
"She was so good that we used her first take," director Ryan Murphy said of her performance.
Here's an answer to the Hamilton mystery. No need to wait for it, wait for it, wait for it ...
Country music icon, Dolly Parton, attended the West End opening of “9 to 5 the Musical”, based on her 1980 film. Parton played one of three women who worked for a sexist, egotistical boss in an office where women weren't given the same opportunities as men. Parton hoped the show would "shine a light" on gender inequality issues today.
Michael Gove should have watched this a few times before taking all the fun out of school. It's long been the perfect family Christmas film but now it seems it's the perfect film for all year round.
I feel like with this being me writing this it should read: "When I was nine, I went to see my first musical" but I am about to drop something big. Something so unexpected. Something so out of character. I went to see my first musical last week - and the grand old age of 31.
An Arizona teenager is reaching for the heights with this epic promposal. Jacob Staudenmaier hopes his exquisite recreation
At the 89th Academy Awards 2017, 21st century Hollywood musical La La Land was announced as the winner of the coveted Best