Naga Munchetty

"Did he just invent the Zoom 'mic drop'?" tweeted one amused viewer.
Corporation banned staff from openly supporting Black Lives Matter, but spent days refusing to apologise for use of the N-word on air.
The BBC Breakfast presenter said journalists are "impartial, but we are not idiots".
The BBC reversed their ruling that Naga had breached guidelines after criticising comments from the US president.
Many stars publicly supported Naga after the broadcaster ruled she'd broken editorial guidelines.
Even if Jeremy Corbyn's policy is popular, experts say it may not deliver the support necessary to win the election.
The prime minister stumbled over Naga Munchetty's "difficult" question after they spoke about his unusual method of making tea.
Proctor has asked the broadcaster to ‘be upfront’ with its apology.
He brought an interview on BBC Breakfast to an abrupt halt, suggesting he wasn't being given his "right to reply".
“They failed to understand the stigma of the ruling for Naga. It’s a mark on your record forever."