Nancy Pelosi

"We broke into the Capitol," said a selfie confiscated by the FBI. “We were looking for Nancy to shoot her in the friggin’ brain, but we didn’t find her.”
President Trump is impeached for the second time in his one-term presidency. The House of Representatives voted 232-197 in favour of a single article of impeachment, which charges Trump with “incitement of insurrection” for his role in fomenting the riot at the US Capitol on January 6. Now the case moves to the Senate to decide if Trump will be impeached in the last days of his presidency.
Reports claim Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell had suggested to colleagues that he supported impeachment of Donald Trump. Senior Republican Liz Cheney, alongside other Republican representatives, said they would support an impeachment vote. The calls for impeachment come after a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol. If removed from office, Trump would lose his post-presidential benefits including pension, secret service protection and funding for staff. He would also not be eligible to run in 2024.
Cleveland Grover Meredith Jr. relayed plans to hurt the House speaker while travelling to attend Wednesday's pro-Trump rally near the Capitol, authorities said.
Nancy Pelosi said she spoke to the Joint Chiefs of Staff to discuss “precautions” to prevent Trump from starting a war.
Donald Trump's son shared an edited version of the barroom brawl scene from "A Bronx Tale" to Instagram.
"Protecting our democracy requires us to use every arrow in our quiver," the Speaker of the House said.
Nancy Pelosi says accusation goes "beyond the pale," even for Trump, "in terms of how he would jeopardize" Americans' health to serve his reelection.
The House speaker noted on MSNBC Tuesday that the president is "always talking about other people’s weight."