National Insurance

The National Insurance raise for the self-employed broke an election manifesto pledge.
Former Tory chancellor Norman Lamont has joined the ranks of those criticising Philip Hammond’s tax hike for the self-employed
The five things you need to know on Friday, March 10… 1) PICK N NICS Although Theresa May and Philip Hammond have been around
Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted that the controversial Budget changes to National Insurance Contributions for self
It won't be as smooth sailing as Theresa May hoped.
But the bottom line is that the government needs money to run public services and things that the private sector either can't or doesn't want to do. That money comes predominantly from taxation in one form or another. To have turned taxation into the most sacred of all sacred cows is an act of supreme folly and self-delusion. We cheat ourselves by not talking about tax or condemning those who do.
Theresa May faces the prospect of her biggest Budget announcement being scrapped, after her pledge to hike National Insurance
Philip Hammond is right to increase National Insurance for some self-employed workers, the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS
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It’s not just Tory critics having a field day over accusations Philip Hammond broke a manifesto pledge by hiking taxes for
Philip Hammond has defended his decision to break a Conservative Party 2015 manifesto pledge not to raise National Insurance
It had all started off so well. As he delivered his first and last Spring Budget, it became rapidly clear that Philip Hammond
The party had vowed not to increase National Insurance contributions