National Treasure

Robbie Coltrane stars with Julie Walters and Andrea Riseborough.
“I am not perfect, but I did not do this.”  - The hinge on which the whole narrative of ‘National Treasure’ turned came in
Jack Thorne's drama explores a historical sexual abuse allegation.
In a week that’s seen filmmaker Louis Theroux re-examine his conscience over his dealings with Jimmy Savile, we’ve also reached
Four-part drama ‘National Treasure’, inspired by the events of Operation Yewtree, has begun airing on Channel 4, and the
The lead actors aren't the only ones who'll be familiar.
Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters take centre stage in Channel 4’s latest drama ‘National Treasure’, which tells the story
Should a much-loved public figure be named in historic allegation cases?
Robbie says he “always knew something wasn’t right about Savile” ‘Cracker’ star supports celebrity suspects being named in