National Union of Teachers

NEU surge is part of wider spike in trade union activism as workers seek better health and job protection
Theresa May needs to understand that the cap on public sector pay is unacceptable and unsustainable. The fact that teachers pay has either gone up by a pitiful £2.30 in secondary schools or actually decreased by £12.70 in primary schools in cash terms over the past 6 years is shocking. Measured against inflation these figures are even worse. website has now had a million visits.
Tory education cuts are forcing parents to turn to crowdfunding websites to help pay for school basics from whiteboards and
'The alternative is many pupils being isolated, bullied or misinformed.'
Children as young as two should learn about same-sex relationships and transgender lifestyles at nursery, teachers have said
Schools are cutting back on counsellors as a result of steep Government cuts, headteachers told MPs on Monday. Slashed budgets
Almost one in 10 secondary schools are under-performing, new analysis has revealed.  Statistics show that almost 300 secondaries