Natural environment

The government asked pubs for videos of stock being destroyed, but there are concerns that millions of pints down the drain could harm the environment.
We are living in a hostile environment, which is quietly eroding disability rights behind closed doors, campaigner Susan McKinstery writes.
As the son of teachers, I grew up in an environment where the annual October festivities didn't just represent harmless fun, says writer Harry Harris.
"We like to consume things, but the more we consume the more we absorb the resources of the planet," says the government’s chief environment scientist.
Staying in Europe is the only way we can make a serious impact on climate change and the environment, MEP Alex Phillips writes.
Environment is the third biggest issue for the public behind Brexit and the NHS, suggests Hope Not Hate survey.
As with so many things these days, when the government can’t lead and citizens are demanding a safe environment for their children, it falls to MPs to pick up the slack
The reality of climate change is closing in, but global carbon dioxide emissions have hit a record high in 2018
A 'no deal' Brexit is not an option if we want to protect our environment
Saving the planet requires limits and sacrifices. However, we have a problem when leaders are unwilling to ensure public bodies are not cutting corners