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Two arrests have been made, one for a public order offence and another for obstruction of a highway. The march was organised
The scapegoat handed to them by the Eurosceptics is the immigrant. One only has to look at how nationalist fervour and economic strife following the Great Depression played out in 1930s Germany to see how close we are sailing to the wind.
In 2013, one local community offered tea and cake to far-right protestors, helping to diffuse tensions and starting a conversation. Burton residents planned the same tactic for a Britain First march; a move the far-right group actually welcomed.
Police in Germany stopped a plan by neo-Nazis to attack a refugee centre in Bavaria, local authorities revealed on this week
The Anti-Fascist Network claimed "victory" after National Action cancelled its White Man March The Anti-Fascist Network, staged
A Neo-Nazi group has said a letter allegedly sent from one of its members threatening race riots in Liverpool is an "obvious
Brother Faisal at the Right Sector rally in Maidan Square The racists of Broadstairs do not wear uniforms, but they walk
Neo-Nazis were massively outnumbered by counter-demonstrators as they staged a protest in central London today. A small number
German extremists converged on Monday night for one of the biggest far-right rallies the country has seen in years, with