New Labour

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair says he accepts some responsibility for the state of Britain's economy. The ex-Labour leader
Why is the Labour leader joining Tony Blair for a high-profile charity event at the Emirates Stadium this evening? Why has he allowed Blairites to brief that their hero is a close adviser and mentor to Miliband?
A former newspaper editor has recalled an incident which "undermined" the accuracy of evidence media tycoon Rupert Murdoch
Alastair Campbell noted in the first of his published diaries that students with an interest in politics might find the diaries of value in years to come. Indeed, their purpose seems almost instructive - an exposé of the often unplanned, reactive and petty nature of government, alongside high diplomacy and long-term strategy. These are diaries which take into account everything from personal depression to international diplomacy.
Robin Cook once commented that reforming the House of Lords was like Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot - "(it) never arrives and some are rather doubtful whether it even exists".
England is all the things Orwell said it was - armchairs, mint sauce, marmalade, the clatter of clogs in the Lancashire mill towns, pin-tables in Soho pubs, old maids hiking to Holy Communion, rich slices of Yorkshire pudding in an Englishman's home - and I think Miliband is right to sing its praises.
This year is a very political year for many countries. France has just voted in their new leader, Greece will do shortly and the USA elections beckon.
Support for Labour has reached its highest level for nine years as backing for the Conservatives has slumped dramatically
Labour lost 16 million votes in the 2010 general election. There are local elections in just under one month's time. This is Labour's opportunity to show people that we are on their side, that we share their struggles and their fears. Too many people feel ignored by the political class.
Today hundreds of people will march on Parliament to protest the closure and diminished service of their public libraries all over the country. Public officials simply do not understand why libraries are important - and that is because they are all of an age and an income which, for some reason, makes them believe that libraries are a thing of the ancient past.