Nimco Ali

Nimco Ali urges Rishi Sunak to sack the home secretary, arguing the Tories will lose the next election if she remains in post.
"Suella and I are on completely different planets when it comes to the rights of women and girls, and also the way that we talk about ethnic minorities".
Downing Street suggested it had not ruled out introducing a criminal offence of street harassment.
"They don't believe the law really applies to people like them."
Anne-Marie Trevelyan said PM's decision to form a childcare bubble with Nimco Ali over Christmas was “absolutely the right thing to do”.
Nimco Ali said she had suffered two days of "racist and disgusting tweets" online.
Nimco Ali told her teacher when she was seven years old that she had been subjected to female genital mutilation. The teacher did nothing. Now FGM has been added to the The Children Act, due in large part to Ali’s activism. The addition makes it easier for teachers, nurses and other workers to report if they are worried that a child they’re in contact with may be subject to FGM, or has had it done.
Gina Martin, Nimco Ali and Amika George on a year of activism.