Norman Lamb

The Care Bill aims to put carers on an equal legal footing to those they care for. This is great news for carers. Now that the stages in Parliament are all but over, we start to look at what this all means in practice. Developing the right regulations is a complex job but vital if we want the new law to mean real change for carers.
The NHS has lost more than 5,000 nurses in just three years, official figures show. Data for May this year reveals there
An independent review of a controversial end-of-life regime is likely to recommend that it is phased out, it has emerged
Caring isn't just another job; it is a vital component of a civilised society. The justifiable public outrage at widespread substandard care is testament to this. And despite all the stress, the antisocial hours, the lack of training or support and the rubbish pay, in many ways I loved my job.
In 2011 the Centre for Social Justice conducted a telephone poll, the largest of its kind, of single occupants aged 75 and over. We found that nearly a quarter of a million people - a city the size of Brighton - were to spend Christmas day alone.
The ten things you need to know on Wednesday 6 March 2013... 1) ADIOS, PRESIDENTE 'El Commandante' is gone. Headline-grabbing
Children as young as 11 were held in police cells last year because officers thought they were mentally ill, an investigation
The government has promised to pump £1.5m into research exploring how to prevent suicides among those most at risk of taking
Extending unrestricted Sunday trading beyond the summer would be a "major breach of trust" by the Government, a Tory MP warned
One of the strange things about reshuffles in a coaliton is that the PM doesn't really get to decide for himself which Lib