nuisance calls

Almost everyone has received a nuisance call at some time and I'm sure most people can relate to the experience of rushing to answer their home phone or mobile, only to be confronted by a cold caller; be it someone offering a new boiler, saying that they can help claim for Payment Protection Insurance or a recent accident or for numerous other reasons. That's why in Parliament I have been pushing for tighter rules on nuisance calls, and I'm pleased to say change is on the way.
Unsolicited nuisance calls are just about the most hateful thing on the planet. No, we haven't been in a car accident and
Nuisance calls make up 40% of phone calls, a new report has found. One in 10 people that were part of research by consumer
To say nuisance calls and texts are the bane of millions of people's lives would be an understatement. We found that eight in 10 people (83%) said they had received an unsolicited call within one month on their landline. Around one in 10 (13%) of these received more than 20 unwanted calls in that month.
Companies that bombard people with nuisance marketing calls will be more likely to face fines of up to £500,000, under Government
The most bizarre thing just happened. I sat down to write this blog on nuisance calls, and I received a PPI text message.
Cold calls annoy the hell out of us, and we like automated messages and numerous unsolicited texts that we can't opt out of even less. Worst of the lot are nuisance calls and scams that swindle the elderly or vulnerable out of money. Frankly, despicable.
These types of calls and messages have the potential to cause serious harm. Our research shows that 3.2 million British adults have been left afraid to answer the phone as a result of unsolicited marketing calls and text messages.