The Geordie duo sparked controversy after playing a string of pranks on a first-time dad.
Media watchdog has written to broadcasters ITV and Sky after criticism from family.
Children are being exposed to pornography as young as nine, according to Dame Rachel de Souza.
More than 700 people complained to the TV watchdog about the former footballer's remarks.
The media watchdog said it had received more than 36,000 complaints this year.
The former health secretary's arrival in the jungle last week was met with a widespread backlash.
A total of 1,538 people complained to Ofcom about the live broadcast, which saw her stripping completely nude.
The Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Chief Rabbi were among those that complained about the broadcaster’s coverage.
The broadcaster previously apologised after one of its reporters mistakenly referred to a march as a gathering for the late monarch.
The daytime show was branded "dystopian" after offering to pay viewers' energy bills for four months as part of a game of chance.