The behaviour of some of the male Islanders on this year's series was the cause of thousands of complaints to the TV watchdog.
Behaviour from some of the male Islanders after the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge sparked viewers to contact the TV watchdog.
Almost 3000 complaints have been made due to "alleged bullying and misogynistic behaviour" from the male Islanders.
The scene saw the feathered creature pleasuring its human companion.
The presenter sparked controversy after he asked why the royal family wouldn’t "just throw him over the balcony and her with him".
“I am not ‘Russia state affiliated media’,” ex-Labour and Respect party MP complained.
Lord Michael Grade, the prospective head of the media watchdog, thinks there is a "wonderful" debate going on.
Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom said the channel was not "fit and proper".
Online safety bill will hand regulators the power to fine companies failing to comply.
The presenter was met with a huge backlash on social media over comments he made during a discussion about the war in Ukraine.