online safety

Today, there is no 'Chip Paper', unlike old print media, with the Internet, everything you put on the Internet is there, potentially, forever, affecting your future educational, career and even relationship prospects. Which is quite a burden for the average pre-teen.
The age that young children start showing an interest in smartphones and tablets is just two and-a-quarter years old and two out of three parents surveyed said their technology-savvy pre-schoolers already have a favourite app.
Yesterday was the 10th international Safer Internet Day, the day to create awareness about online safety issues - there are lots of great resources being publicized for anyone who uses the internet. Of course there are plenty of basic resources available to protect internet users and students of all ages.
Anonymity is a gilded cage which protects us from each other. Let the key stay lost.
Automatically blocking access to hardcore pornography online will not stop the images falling into the hands of children
As changes in the digital world gather pace, some companies are forging ahead and taking a positive approach towards internet safety but the overall pace remains slow and some are still failing to fulfil their child safety obligations.
Two teenagers in Norway have been arrested in connection with a series of computer attacks. Britain's Serious Organised Crime
A global operation has been undertaken to disable a number of botnets believed to be responsible for the theft of millions
When identifying the purpose of introducing this filtration then I have to wonder, what it could be? The government is right to take a stance on the protection of our children, a sentiment I whole-heartedly endorse, but it seems this time the thought process behind the decision is somewhat inconclusive
The more we use the web, the more useful our digital identities become. Arguably the personalisation of our online selves has the potential to become the most valuable commodity of the modern age.