The Oscar winner made headlines with a comment she left on the Bridesmaids star's Instagram.
The Funny Girl star drew backlash after she left – and swiftly deleted – an awkward comment on one of the comedian's Instagram posts.
There are a lot of misconceptions about semaglutide medications.
"When I am lying in bed waiting for an acute flare-up of nausea to subside, I feel so depressed that I can’t help wondering if I can continue to live this way."
The cheap and accessible supplement is said to help with insulin sensitivity, but experts say there are real risks.
"It’s time we looked beyond the profit-driven glorification and considered the real risks that these drugs pose to our physical and mental health."
The famously fit actor shared his thoughts on celebrities taking the diabetes drug to trim down.
The diabetes drug has controversially become popular with celebs due to its ability to aid weight loss.
Off-label use of the diabetes medication has been called "an eating disorder in a needle."