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Pat McFadden tells HuffPost UK that “perpetual” bad feeling with the EU might be a “perfect outcome” for hard Brexiteers.
Joining Arj Singh and Paul Waugh, shadow Treasury minister Pat McFadden talks through the repercussions of the 2021 Budget, including how Labour deals with a high taxing, high spending Conservative Party.
MPs say it proves 'Immigration is good for our economy'
Corbyn supporters had inundated the BBC on Twitter with allegations of presiding over a political "scandal", while one blog
As it is, the official policy of Labour is to support the renewal. So again, Corbyn could be forced to rebel against his own party. Not that he is unused to that, but rebelling as leader? That would be something special. If he tries to force his Shadow Cabinet to vote against renewal, or even backs a free vote, people will walk. The blocks will fall. Corbyn will be left with a very small Jenga tower indeed...
It really wasn't the best of starts. For a frantic half hour, I thought I'd potentially got Dame Tessa Jowell and the Shadow Minister for Europe Pat McFadden teargassed, or even worse, irreversibly affected the opinions of top political figures...
But it wasn't enough to hold back the Twitterstorm. Labour supporters gleeful at the news of McFadden's sacking, after he
Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘midnight reshuffle’ was only finally resolved after he had a second, secret meeting with Hilary Benn late
Pat McFadden has been sacked as shadow Europe minister - the second high-profile Labour MP removed from Jeremy Corbyn's top
Jeremy Corbyn is set to start discussions on changes to his Shadow Cabinet today amid fresh warnings against a ‘punishment