Patrick Vallance

Former chief scientific adviser tells inquiry ex-health secretary had a "habit" of giving false information.
The nickname was given in the wake of his controversial Eat Out To Help Out scheme.
From re-written advice to ignored official warnings, the findings will shock you.
It shines an interesting light on just how prepared for a pandemic the UK really was before Covid struck.
But Boris Johnson insists there is no conflict between the “gung-ho politicians and the cautious, anxious scientists”.
Spiraling infections fuelled by Omicron heighten speculation about another lockdown.
“Ministers set out the stance but don’t go into detail what advisers do or don’t say to them," the health secretary's deputy said.
MPs condemn early pandemic policies and "fatalistic" approach.
PM seemed as remote from clear pandemic policy as he was from the No.10 briefing room
New research from Oxford University deserves publicity in Europe and beyond.