Pink Floyd

The full Glastonbury line-up is yet to be released, but Pink Floyd have become the latest act to be named as possible headliners
Whether the shift away from X-Factor winners and campaign releases in 2016 is part of a long-term trend only time will tell. But as the music world has evolved over the past half century, the Christmas Number 1 race continues to do so.
If 2016 is to have an overarching theme, I think many of us would agree that it is death. Not only was it the year that our
People are already discussing which musical acts will headline the January 20th event in Washington D.C.
Tim Arnold, singer songwriter and founder of Save Soho Music venues: what exactly is the fuss all about? Well, almost 2 years
There are not many times in life you get to see your heroes. And even fewer who leave you with a better impression than the one you had. But the understated Gilmour is one of the greats. The encore of Time and Comfortably Numb will never be forgotten.
David Gilmour fans got a pleasant surprise at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday (28 September) night, when the musician
Rob attributes the happiness in his life to his relationship with Gill, his wife of 24 years. They met when Rob was in a psychiatric hospital in Northampton. A whole food cooperative - Daily Bread - employed patients from the hospital, and staff to support them as a way of aiding their recovery. Gill was a member, and Rob was one of the patients she supported.