Plan B

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I got very irritated during the festival in Cannes by critics and reporters alike remarking that Plan B's debut movie Ill Manors is 'bleak.' I'm not sure what it is about 'bleak' that annoyed me so much but I tend to feel that the word has a dismissive quality that suggests that nothing good can come out of watching the movie.
He revealed at the film's premiere in London's Leicester Square: "I come from that environment and I was seeing a section
One week in and the team are still bearing up... just! We decided to have a night off - which in Cannes meant we watched a film. So we ordered pizzas and sat down to watch iLL Manors - Ben Drew aka Plan B's new film. Maybe not the wisest film choice for a night of switching off/escapism.
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The directorial debut of Ben Drew (aka Plan B) sees the lives of six people - including well-meaning, but ill-fated Aaron
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Plan B fears he will lose a large portion of his fan-base after moving away from his hit soul sound to return to gritty hip