Political party

Austerity has produced a nationwide insecurity which both Labour and Conservatives must tackle
'I’ve been called everything from a terrorist to a cockroach.'
There is no majority within any of the parties, in parliament, or the country for any sort of Brexit - could May escape by calling an election?
Drama in Italy is the latest reminder that we're on a journey into a new uncharted, uncertain era fraught with risk
Labour expects to lose two million email contacts. All parties fear new data rules could be 'weaponised' by their enemies.
The Data Protection Bill is a huge opportunity to reign in companies like Facebook
New party founded by LoveFilm millionaire Simon Franks reported to have £50m war chest.
Smith also revealed Corbyn had 'barely spoken' to him about Northern Ireland policy in 10 months
Remember you don’t get anything for free, sometimes you are the product