Former Vote Leave boss urged parliament to take “urgent, very, very hard look into what went wrong" during Covid crisis.
Labour leader says health secretary should focus on "working really hard" on the Covid vaccine rollout.
Care homes have already seen some staff are unable or unwilling to get the Covid-19 jab – and bosses can't afford to take any risks.
The NHS worker and his pregnant wife both caught the virus after a patient coughed in his face.
Former senior nurse describes receiving botched protective gear at the height of the pandemic as "the most frightening thing I have had to deal with."
Firms with no history of supplying the products they were paid for, a business linked to Brexit lobbyists, and a dormant company were among the beneficiaries.
Labour leader Keir Starmer has demanded an inquiry into purchase of 50m unusable masks.
“This has important implications for the Covid-19 pandemic," scientists have said.
In response to the Covid-19 crisis, this group has been manufacturing and donating PPE and care packages to key workers in the UK and abroad to ensure protection and reduce stress.
With the pandemic gripping their home area in South West London, two choir friends (Catherine Carrere and Yasmine Samhiry) came together to make reusable cotton masks for their local community and help volunteering efforts to overcome Covid-19. So far, the team has made over 950 masks for the community.
Gowns4Good was started by a small team in the US, with the idea of using donated graduation gowns in hospitals, when they realised the design was not dissimilar from surgical gowns need for PPE. After thousands of donations from across the US, demand from across the world came in too.
Anna Willetts got to work when she heard that her sister’s surgery didn’t have enough scrubs to help them deal with coronavirus patients.
It's still the forgotten service despite the dangers workers face every day, one officer tells us.
Government paid deposit to jet in gowns but PPE fell short of NHS standards.
With the coronavirus pandemic claiming 20,000 lives and counting in the UK, staying properly protected is a life and death situation, especially for healthcare workers on the frontline who are also battling shortages of PPE. But a group of volunteers has come to the rescue, gathering donations everywhere from construction sites to beauty salons.
Since those on the frontline can’t get enough PPE, the general public is not being advised to wear face masks – despite the evidence, writes journalist Sunny Hundal.
New guidance issued as hospitals set to run out of gowns by Monday.
Political campaign group Led By Donkeys projected “a message to the government’ onto the houses of parliament. The video directed to Britain’s prime minister Boris Johnson sees NHS staff highlighting a lack of protective equipment (PPE). The group originally formed to fight Brexit also restarted a billboard campaign to “create a record of heroes and anti-heroes” during the coronavirus crisis.
Aside from yet another tedious round of Oxbridge bashing, the BBC's new series Young, Bright and On the Right fundamentally misunderstands the nature of our Oxbridge-educated political elite.
Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt enjoyed a rapid rise through Conservative party ranks and was often tipped as a potential future