Where Trigger differs from the current crop of online pranksters (aside from the surreal tone and social commentary) is in its humanity. Many online pranksters deal exclusively in shock value, often engineering pranks at the victim's expense. Pranks are conceived with the express intention of angering people and courting publicity.
Internet prankster Julius Dein is back again, and this time he’s somehow managed to convince a bunch of people that two electric
"Don't eat melons. Eat all the grapes you want, the grapes are ****s."
Seth Rogen’s long-awaited adult animated comedy ‘Sausage Party’ hits cinemas today, and to celebrate ahead of the film’s
This is probably one of the cruellest pranks you could play on someone, particularly if you live near the UK’s largest stockpile
12 hours with a padlock through his ear gauge - that's gotta hurt!
YouTube prankster Rebekah Eldridge has shared the hilarious footage of a prank involving her boyfriend’s flesh tunnel and
"ANIMAL FACT: Flamingos are monogamous. Except Philip, that cheating b*stard."