I suspect that next year, the rate of far-right referrals will again be higher – and this is because the impact of Brexit has yet to be felt. I hope that I am proved wrong.
Government hails £40m scheme's role in stopping extremism.
A study was ordered after last year's terror attack in Manchester.
On Thursday the Home Office published figures about the number of individuals referred to the PREVENT counter-extremism strategy between April 2015 to March 2016. Headlines have honed in on the fact that 95% of referrals to PREVENT in that time were deemed unnecessary.
In my view, this focus on Britishness facilitates lazy interpretations of values. Some lists suggest that children should be encouraged to listen to British music like Freddy Mercury or they should eat roast dinners at school! By all means, schools are welcome to display union flags and celebrate the Queen's birthday but this merely pays lip service to what British values are trying to achieve.