Recent figures paint a worrying picture that will only be solved with more resources and fewer prisoners in the system
"A prison sentence is a deprivation of someone’s liberty - not a sentence to poorer health or healthcare."
Investing in solutions that will ensure that women and their children are supported to break the vicious cycle of offending, saving millions to the public purse in the process
The far-right activist was released from prison last month.
If action is not taken now to protect workers, stop overcrowding and bring safety back to the prison system, I fear a return to dark days
It comes after a damning report warned of a "dangerous lack of control" at HMP Bedford.
Reducing the use of ineffective short sentences would take the pressure off overcrowded local jails
He complained appearing in court via video-link was 'like being on 'Star Trek'.
Fears over rocketing temperatures and poor ventilation.