Donald Trump boasted on Sunday that border officials were doing a “fantastic job” housing immigrant children.
Catherine was 19 and, usually, the life and soul of our classroom. But as she prepared for her imminent release, she also prepared to return to the abuse and homelessness that prison had sheltered her from.
That's three full years spent in prison. Away from her family, including her young daughter Gabriella. Away from her friends, away from her charity work, away from her normal life.
Assaults and self-harm rates are up over 20%.
“From childhood right through to courts and adult prisons, our justice system entrenches and exacerbates the divides in our society.”
One notice on a door read: “Please ensure doors remain shut to prevent rats entering the wing!!!”
We know that in-prison programmes can reduce dependency, and that the most ordered prisons have the busiest prisoners. Hope is a key ingredient of desistance
Jamie Acourt is just days into his sentence for running a £3m drugs plot.
"Everything has to be done online and I don’t even know how to send a text," one offender said.