priti patel

The UK will only pay France around £9million more than under the previous deal.
The home secretary has been accused of acting unlawfully by allowing numbers at the Manston processing centre to soar.
The Met was rocked by a string of scandals during Patel’s time as home secretary.
The former home secretary launched her first big intervention since returning to the back benches.
Tory leadership contender Suella Braverman is widely tipped to be appointed to Patel's role.
“The government said the threat of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda would deter crossings, we now see that the opposite is happening."
“Unless we provide a safe route, we are complicit with the people smugglers," Sir John Kerr claimed.
Boris Johnson always rewarded loyalty, will his foreign secretary follow suit?
Comedian later included home secretary Priti Patel in a message saying it was "just a bit of banter".
“Dear Visitors to the UK, I apologise for the way you are treated on arrival."