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Casual users of cocaine and cannabis could face fines and be required to attend drug courses.
Dame Diana Johnson: “We have been given to understand that... we still have a functioning government in place."
"Representation is important in politics, but only if they represent more than just the same skin tone as me.”
Defiant prime minister dismisses direct pleas from senior members of government to stand down, as resignations mount.
Nadine Dorries and Jacob Rees-Mogg are still backing the under-fire prime minister.
The home secretary backed Boris Johnson, saying they were working "night and day" on the big issues.
'This is a shambles and it is shameful and the home secretary has no one but herself to blame,' Yvette Cooper said.
One MP blamed "lefty lawyers" after a deportation flight to Rwanda was grounded on Tuesday night.
Last-minute interventions by the European Court of Human Rights led to the cancellation of the flight.