Comedian Rob Auton has won this year's Dave Funniest Joke Of The Fringe Award. But how does his one-liner - and the other
Hoppy Easter! And yes, that's how we plan to continue in this, our round-up of silly Easter yolks jokes, one-liners and puns
Here at HuffPost UK Comedy, we find nothing more rewording than a good pun. And that's why, thanks to The Punning Man, we
Twitter is a goldmine for newspapers, and websites like this one, that have a humour space to fill with topical material. And it's not all the preserve of the professionals anymore. Twitter has become the great leveller, bridging the gap for the wannabes like me and providing a more intimate relationship for the professionals with their fans.
We don't know about you - but we'd never book in for a cut, wash and blow-dry unless the salon's name was an amusing hair
My addiction to punning is ruining my life. They've have started to permeate into my everyday conversation.