5. This person, who's also imparting some realist wisdom. 2. This journalist, who wore their pyjamas to “increasingly nice
Primark’s 2016 Christmas PJs are going to make you want to snuggle up and never leave the house again. This year the high
When you meet somebody, as I did recently, who has arrived at the oft-sought after role of fashion designer, from a different path, it is perhaps not so surprising that their outlook of the industry is very different.
Update: Since we published the article the Twitter image of the pyjamas has been removed by the owner.  A woman was perusing
As a mother of two young children, I know how hard it can be to get everybody up and out of the door before 9am. When you have spent the morning battling to feed, dress and wash children who do not WANT to be dressed, fed and washed, by the time you arrive at the school you often have no idea what you are wearing.
Primark is famous for its OTT Christmas jumpers, but this year it seems the brand's festive pyjamas are raising a few eyebrows