When I told people I was going to stay in a government-sponsored quarantine hotel, they said it sounded like the plot of a horror movie.
Minister blames an "impossible situation" after holidaymakers escape measure to prevent spread of more contagious Covid-19 variant.
After a year of lockdowns, quarantines and self-isolation, we could all do with a little joy right now. And while you can’t always control what happens to you, you can control how you respond to it. We’ve asked therapist Lucy Beresford for tips on how to stay positive and keep our spirits up during challenging times.
"It really is one rule for the rich and one rule for everyone else with this government," one Labour MP said.
Transport secretary Grant Shapps exempts sports stars, performing arts professionals and journalists from quarantine.
More than 100 keen crafters around the world have come together to form a ‘quarantine quilt’, stitching together a picture of how we’ve experienced the pandemic.
Arriving from Australia, Ireland and Japan – among others – will not require two weeks of self-isolation.
Overseas staff who pluck for Britain will be able to work during quarantine – but must stay abreast of other requirements.
Transport secretary Grant Shapps says the government is making "very good progress" on a new system.
The tests, which are now available, give results within an hour – but you may still need to quarantine.