A spike in Bolton’s coronavirus cases is linked to a man who didn’t quarantine after returning from holiday and went on a pub crawl, says town’s council leader.
The transport secretary made the changes as part of a new regional approach to the self-isolation rules.
Holidaymakers returning from Croatia, Austria and Trinidad and Tobago must now self-isolate for a fortnight.
His comments came after Croatia and Austria were dropped from the UK's list of safe travel corridors.
The health secretary said the government is looking at whether it can approve a new facility.
Deep into the European Covid-19 crisis, the UK's position on quarantine shows no more nuance than it did seven months ago, Jo York writes.
Transport secretary says holidaymakers returning to the UK after 4am on Saturday must obey the rules.
Baroness Buscombe is accused of "blaming the public" as she says taxpayers should not fund extra help for people now facing quarantine measures.
The prime minister defended imposition of quarantine on people returning from Spain and says public must remain "vigilant".
The UK has also extended the travel rules to cover the Balearic and Canary Islands.