queer voices

The Las Vegas Raiders player announced on Instagram that he's gay.
Confections, a shop in Texas, rolled in the dough after haters showed their poor taste.
The Human Rights Commission and competitive gay/inclusive club Jozi Cats are hosting a club rugby tournament to say "Hell, no!" to homophobia in rugby.
Thousands took part in the 2018 Cape Town Pride Mardi Gras – even those who didn't want it to happen at all.
The world's most powerful fashion magazine zooms in on LGBT+ heroes.
The new president has been a champion of equality and LGBTQI+ rights since the creation of South Africa's progressive Constitution.
But I've spent my whole working life and most of my childhood connected to live performance so I can reel off a million reasons why it matters. Recently however, one justification in particular has been at the forefront of my mind. I have been producing a new show called BULLISH with my theatre company Milk Presents.
“Other people judge me. What is the difference? I say I’m white,” the Republican told a reporter.
Obviously if you say society doesn't care, one assumes you have done the research to back this up. You've read the world news sections of the papers regularly, perused academic journals on gender and sexuality, or you've at least checked Wikipedia to see which countries it is still punishable by death in if you're even thought of as being gay.