'Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith.'
  If you’ve hit a midweek slump, have no fear help is on the way. One of the best ways of getting over hump day is to get
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It's National Drink Wine Day, so we just couldn't resist celebrating - *hiccup* - with a few glasses and some funny quotes
Time Magazine recently published an article describing the singular 'they' pronoun as 2016's word of the year. If this is an accurate title, it's surprising to me how many people are still unaware of its existence...
Today would have been Sylvia Plath's 83rd birthday and despite the fact that she died more than 50 years ago, the poet is
Having children changes your life - not only because you now have a baby to look after, but because you hold a brand-new
Father's Day is coming up which calls for many of us to tell our dads just how much we love them. To give you a bit of inspiration
It's important to take frequent breaks during your revision session. The brain is a muscle (not factually correct) that gets tired like any other muscles (do hearts get tired?). In order for a break to be effective, you must fully remove yourself from your working mindset. Dig a hole in the garden or annoy your sister a bit. Just keep the line between work and play clearly defined.
Combining motivational fitness quotes with a hardcore drinking ethic, the 'Drunkspiration' thread on Reddit has us in hysterics
Everybody knows that Mondays are a struggle. The weekend's gone way too fast, you're feeling a little groggy and the last
'Tis April - the month in which we commemorate both the Bard's birth and death. And several hundred years later, the great
Valentine's Day is nearly upon us. And thus, it is time to celebrate the patron saint of love - Hallmark - and come up with
This a key reason behind so many successful people. They are driven by their inner passion to succeed, they have to feed that permanent hunger of their internal needs. And the minute the successful people get happy? Everyone else gets happy.
We all love quoting our favorite films but find out which ones you've been getting wrong with 10 famous movie misquotes
It was evident to us that an urgent conversation needed to be had around men, whether that was to do with dating and relationships
If you read inspirational quotes and feel immediately compelled to barf then this should certainly be on your radar. Introducing
In a world that is fraught with so much contention about body image and whether male designers actually hate the women they
People travel for different reasons, but one way you can give your travel meaning is by also volunteering while you are abroad. We encourage every one of you to get out there, explore the world and make your own adventures, memories and most importantly - make an impact...