Racism in association football

From Raheem Sterling to Romelu Lukaku, Haringey Borough to the national women's team, the sport has (again) been marred by racism in 2019.
The world is on fire, but football, when done the right way, has the opportunity to set an example our leaders cannot, it is up to us as fans to support that, journalist Jen Offord writes.
It is understood the situation could lead to an indefinite ban.
The match was abandoned in the second half after players were led off the pitch by their managers.
This comes at the end of a week marred by multiple incidents of racism in football.
A spokesperson for the FA said it was investigating the incident 'as a matter of urgency'.
The sports star urged his fellow players to take a stand against abuse following another racist onslaught by Cagliari fans on Sunday.
The Home Office data has been released under the Freedom of Information Act.
Is prejudice a permanent fixture? After abuse was hurled at England players during a Euro 2020 qualifier, black fans respond.
Only once we have developed the ability to recognise and challenge our own unconscious biases will modern racism be overcome, and we will see a level playing field for all – not just for footballers