Rental Properties

Campaigners say more must be done to prevent the "cliff edge" of homelessness as the number of people in arrears continues to increase.
Zero hour contracts, low-paid work and anti-trade union laws mean that it's hard for renters to get by at the best of times, writes Beth Redmond.
While some tenants could face job losses or reduced salary because of coronavirus, their landlords could be granted a mortgage holiday.
The government has vowed to end 'no fault' evictions under the Housing Act 1988. Here's why groups like Acorn and Shelter have welcomed the move.
It's a big step, but without rent controls, this announcement will do nothing to mitigate the soaring rents that are pushing many out of their homes.
Property barons who let homes to social tenants should be encouraged, former Tory leader says.
Signing a lease is a big step toward adulting, but you need to step carefully.
'Right to rent' strategy said to encourage landlords to rent to tenants with 'British-sounding names'.