Not only do you save on public transport by working close to home, but you can also save money on expensive food and overpriced lattés. At some point we've all been guilty of spending an eyebrow raising amount of our pay packet on over-priced and over-salted lunch meals.
High house prices are bad for future economic growth of cities such as Oxford because they price people out of the job opportunities that are available within them. This is bad for the individual, bad for businesses in such cities and, as a result, is bad for the economy.
It is clear that top-down regulation will only serve to deter investors at a time when more, not less, investment is needed. Instead, the mayor's proposals aim to work towards an improved private rented offer by putting Londoners and landlords in the driving seat.
Living situations are one of the most important and impacting factors for students, and the hardest to get right. Most of my friends have either found that perfect living partnership, or its been disastrous from beginning to end. I belong to the latter party, the one who's dreams never seem to come true.
The parliamentary expenses watchdog was being urged to let MPs claim for mortgage interest payments again months before the
A growing number of companies are renting out goods and services as a result of consumers seeking short-term solutions - and
Four in 10 people living in rental accommodation cannot afford to save anything for a deposit to buy their own home, as high
Stepping on to the property ladder instead of renting will save people almost £200,000 over a lifetime, according to research
When Kathy's marriage broke down, she needed to sell her house and rent a property. Ultimately she ended up having to leave the property and her job to live with relatives. Why? Because she had two dogs.
According to The Department of Communities and Local Government there are more than 1.7million families on housing waiting lists. Considering that Local Authorities throughout England commissioned the building of just 380 new homes in Q1 2011 we are unlikely to ever eradicate that backlog.