The number of renters and mortgage payers could be equal by the next election
More and more tenants are struggling to pay their rent.
This week at Labour Party conference, Jeremy Corbyn powerfully argued the case for change on housing. Labour will do things differently, and we'll be looking for the widest possible input, not just from experts but tenants, community groups and the public as we shape our social housing review to tackle the big problems that the Grenfell Tower fire means we must now urgently confront. A failing housing market seems inevitable when you have failing Conservative Ministers, bound by their ideology from doing what is needed. Labour is giving people hope that things can change.
Some Londoners might at last be able to afford to live in Zone One thanks to a new range of “micro-flats” proposed by a regeneration
Moving house is stressful. First you have to find somewhere close enough to work, but cheap enough to afford, and then leap
Most of us are trying to spend less and save more, and that means cutting back our expenses wherever we can. And what's your
And I've stopped believing that politicians want to help me out.
Reform of the Buy to Let market needs to go hand in hand with a bigger strategy for Build to Rent so that secure, stable, good quality homes are available to those who need stable, comfortable, affordable homes.
Renting in the private sector is precarious. Tenancies last no more than six to twelve months, and landlords can evict tenants for no reason at two months' notice. By 2020, a third of Londoners will rent from a private landlord, and it is already the dominant tenure for younger people.
'It doesn't have an oven but it does have this beautiful window.'
11. Making the obvious comparisons.  14. And if the estate agents don’t push you to your limits, they know someone else who
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Unfortunately dating has a dark side and so does looking for somewhere to live, especially when you're a young woman on your own. Moving in with complete strangers is unlikely to be anyone's first choice but often poor timing, a lack of money or just plain bad luck means renting a room in a shared house or flat is the only option.
'My cat just picked my neighbour and I have never felt so betrayed.'
In an ideal world we’d be popping over to our neighbours for a cup of sugar, but the reality is that some forget to put the
Private landlords received £9.3bn in housing benefit from the taxpayer last year - almost double the amount they did a decade
As a private tenant I'll be taking the three minutes needed to take part myself, and then as an Assembly Member I'll be taking the findings to the highest level and making a top priority out of getting something done.