Rhodes Must Fall

Campaigners and writers hope Black Lives Matter protesters will push for police abolition – not just toppling of statues.
Lord Chris Patten also claimed there was "hypocrisy" among critics of the statue, which is mounted onto Oriel College, Oxford.
Thousands have signed two new petitions calling for the statue of colonialist Rhodes at Oriel College to be taken down, with a protest also planned.
Exclusive: renewed opposition comes after Black Lives Matter protesters toppled monument to slave trader Edward Colston.
While the university's role in owning people is long over, its role in enlightening them is just beginning, journalist Alex Mistlin writes.
'It is important that we constantly give content and context to what we commemorate and why.'
"People thought that we were stupid; we don't know what we want. Now the very same people are celebrating free education."
The university is now being referred to on social media as "The University Currently Known As Rhodes".
HuffPost global editor-in-chief uses Rhodes Must Fall campaign as an example of positive change.
It is extremely important that we pay tribute to young leaders in South Africa who have played imperative roles in changing our country's future.