Rock Music

We all know Nashville is the birthplace of country music, and home of the Grand Ole Opry. Tennessee is where you’ll find
Hate has no place in music.
Spotify says white supremacist bands are not welcome on its platform after being alerted to their presence in a week that
Why music strikes a chord.
It’s almost impossible to imagine two leaders on opposite sides of the Middle East conflict rising to give an ovation at
The relative merits of Ed Sheeran's music is immaterial to his decision to join an anti-racist movement. But the irony of endorsing Eric Clapton, a musician bestowed the title 'God' by his fans, whilst not making reference to his racist expressions that gave rise to Rock Against Racism is bewildering.
"I'm told there is NO WAY he can dance and sing at the same time and I hear Micheal Jackson roll in his grave. Elvis groans from the Great Toilet in the sky."
The Soundgarden singer, 52, was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor of a hotel room at the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit
Keith Urban thanks legend for his “poetry, passion and potency.”