Where we diverged in opinion with the opposition was both on calculating the cost of space exploration and on calculating the true cost that neglecting to progress into the cosmos would bring to humanity.
NASA have given us another amazing image - this time of rockets launching into an aurora-filled sky. We can only imagine
Francois Gissy is a man that knows no fear. He must be, no sane, feeling human would climb onto a bicycle, attach a rocket
This is the moment an unmanned commercial supply rocket bound for the International Space Station exploded just moments after
A GoPro camera has captured a rarely-seen-before sight: the close-up of a rocket just as it's about to take off. To help
We don't just think about the next flight, we think about what happens 1,000 flights from now, when SpaceShipTwo is being operated by people who haven't even applied for jobs at our company yet... The door to the space frontier is opening.
Homemade rockets are a big deal in Thailand, in particular bamboo rockets which are essentially giant wheels filled with
A spy satellite controlled by the National Reconnaissance Office lifts off on a Delta IV rocket from Vandenberg Air Force
As you drive down the main road that leads to Hamra, a district of West Beirut, you will notice, if you're observant enough, beyond the shrub covered walls of the Armenian institute, Haigazian University, that a white needle nosed rocket points towards the sky, or the stars, dependant on how romantic you wish to be.
Insurgents launched a rocket attack on Camp Bastion, the military base in Afghanistan which houses British troops. The heavily
Recently every time I have heard a bike engine revving or a plane fly over I have hesitated for a moment. The red alert sirens in Tel Aviv, five in the last four days, were certainly not what I expected when I moved to Israel almost eight months ago.
While the rockets targeting Israeli civilians - men, women, and children - do not carry as deadly a payload as that of the German bombs of World War II, their aim is equally sinister and illegitimate: to instill fear in the hearts of Israelis and undermine their right to live in a free and independent state.
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Europe's new Vega rocket has launched on its first flight. The 30m-tall vehicle has been designed to put small scientific
Nasa has launched a giant one-tonne rover nicknamed 'Curiosity' into space which is due to arrive on Mars in August next
China has taken the next step in its quest to become a major space power with the launch of the unmanned Shenzhou 8 vehicle
A $1.1bn (£0.7bn) unmanned space mission has launched from Florida on a journey to the planet Jupiter. The Juno spacecraft