rod stewart

The crooner also made a jibe at David Beckham's expense during the King's Foundation ceremony.
Global superstar says he's alarmed by the state of UK healthcare: "In all my years of living in this country, I’ve never seen it so bad."
"It’s not right to go," the Maggie May singer said of the Qatar-hosted football tournament.
Things took a personal turn after Elvis Costello branded the Jubilee concert "s***e".
The singer and his son Sean Stewart entered guilty pleas to misdemeanour charges of simple battery.
The Maggie May singer admitted to being “a bit spiteful” about his friend in a 2018 interview.
The pair fell out after Rod said that Elton’s farewell tour “stunk of selling tickets”.
The pair used to be "real close" but fell out after Rod made a disparaging comment about Elton's farewell tour.