Rosie Duffield

"We’ve got to try and find a better way through this," the shadow education secretary said.
The comedian, who is campaigning to become a Labour election candidate, has urged people to “join the 21st century”.
The Canterbury MP has accused Keir Starmer's leadership of doing little to protect her.
Sadiq Khan: “It’s unacceptable anybody feels unsafe going to Labour Party conference."
Labour leader says there is no scope for renegotiation of the trade deal agreed by Boris Johnson.
Joining Arj Singh and Rachel Wearmouth, Labour MP Rosie Duffield and the UK In A Changing Europe’s Anand Menon run the rule over a tumultuous start to the new year, consider whether Brexit is really ‘done’ and ask whether Britain could one day rejoin the EU.
Canterbury MP tells HuffPost UK that remainers will have to wait at least five years but will eventually "try and shift the leadership".
Some pupils are expected to return to the classroom on Monday. Here's the latest.
Voters in marginal seats will be targeted by pro-second referendum For our Future’s Sake (FFS) from Saturday.
Tim Walker said he wanted “no part” in allowing a Tory Brexiteer to beat Labour's Rosie Duffield in Canterbury.