Royal College Nursing

"So you can't name a single thing the government's done wrong?" Sophy Ridge asked Mark Harper.
"Do the decent thing for these nurses," the RCN's Pat Cullen told the government.
The Conservative MP said nurses on £30k using food banks had “something wrong” with their finances.
Thousands of nurses across the country walked out today in the dispute over pay and conditions.
She said nurses just want to be able to "make ends meet".
The Labour MP has sparked a war of words with the trade union that represents doctors and medical students.
“I’m sorry, you’re not getting an answer you like," the foreign secretary said.
NHS workers will walkout for two days next month as part of the ongoing dispute.
Matthew Taylor, from the NHS Confederation, said Brexit "cut off" a supply of labour to the NHS.
Health workers in other unions are also voting on industrial action over pay.