Russia has recognised Libya's interim government hours ahead of an international summit in Paris that aims to show support
Hopes that BP could take the focus away from its failure to tie-up a ground-breaking deal with Rosneft in Russia were crushed
Eight people have been killed in a twin suicide attacks in the Chechen capital of Grozny, according to a BBC report. Five
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has marked the opening of the presidential election race by riding a Harley Davidson
Russia is opposing American and European calls for the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down, according to a report
Only America can hasten the end of Bashar al Assad's Syrian Regime Bashar al Assad and his gang must face trial for crimes
Despite the continuing scarcity of food, justice and medicine for most Somalis, some things have got far, far cheaper. They are guns. And those guns are the key to understanding the circular absurdity of the Somali tragedy.
More people have reportedly been killed in Hama as troops of President Bashar al-Assad lay siege to the city for the third
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is close to a decision to bid for the presidency in an election next year because he
Mila Kunis continued her string of style hits while promoting Friends With Benefits, by wearing one of our favourite looks