ryan ruckledge

‘Big Brother’ contestant Ryan Ruckledge is no stranger to controversy, but he’s now found himself at the centre of another
'That guy is going to wish I was never in the f***ing place, I swear to God...'
There’s a nasty surprise in store for Ryan Ruckledge in Thursday’s (9 June) ‘Big Brother’, when he discovers a rather unwelcome
We don't think he's going to be a shrinking violet in the 'BB' house.
He might have only been in the house for a day, but already Ryan’s presence has caused controversy. When viewers was noted
Between them they've been involved in reality TV, modelling campaigns and even national scandals.
Did he already know about the 'Others' twist?
'Big Brother' has been back on screen for all of five minutes, but its already been caught up a new fix scandal.  Fans of
A few weeks ago, the only reason any of us had heard of Ryan Ruckledge was for the fact he got hammered and subsequently
‘X Factor’ singer Ryan Ruckledge has hit out at the show, claiming he was “stitched up” by producers. READ MORE: The Kids